Hello, friends.  Welcome to this site dedicated to the classic eighties motorbikes.


I was 15 when the 80’s started and 25 when they finished.  This is precisely the age when motorcycles usually work their way into your head and your heart.  So it was with me, and I was lucky because that time was very, very special.

In the 80’s, and especially in the second half of the decade, concepts derived from racing such as a boxed or rectangular frames with Kobas style innovative structures (Yamaha called it Deltabox), widespread use of aluminum, smaller 16- and 17-inches tires with much wider section widths, full fairings, "almost racing" driving positions and much more sophisticated and powerful engines cooled by water or even oil appeared on the bikes.

To view the evolution of motorcycles of the 1980s versus the 90's, you only have to compare a 1983 Kawasaki Z1000 R, a replica of the bikes on which Eddie Lawson won the AMA Superbike Championship in ’81, ’82 and ‘83, to a Kawasaki Gpz Ninja 900, a bike which really broke molds and became in 1983 the best superbike of the mid-1980; and then compare this to a Kawasaki ZXR 750 which was presented in Estoril (Portugal racing track) in 1989. The evolution was simply spectacular during this decade.

We can see that the evolution wasn’t as radical during the decade of the 90’s only by comparing the 1989 ZXR 750 to the 1996 model.  This is because the great leap forward already had taken place.

You had to wait until the end of the 90’s to find bikes like the 1996 Suzuki GSXR 750 or the 1998 Yamaha R1 that were really different.

In this web page you will find the report of my personal collection of bikes from the 80’s (in my case exclusively Japanese from the second half of the decade) because it has only been since 1985 (when I was 20) that I allowed myself to dream of being able to buy a sports bike…specifically an absolute “zenith” of Japanese bikes such as the GPz 600 and 900, the FZ 750, the Suzuki GSXR 750 85 to 87 or the very best of the sports eighties motorbike, the Honda RC-30; this bikes were my dreamed bikes.

I also have the honor of presenting to you an especially thrilling tribute to Dennis Noyes with 50 of his brilliant shakedown tests.  You will not be able to put them down once you have begun to read them...I assure you!!!!

The third section only tries to be a recompilation of superbike races from the decade like the Transatlantic Trophy or Daytona. 

And finally the fourth section is a Bike and Biker Community page.  It is for sharing photos and comments about your own bikes, or your favorite bikes of the 80’s and the restorations that you have done.   This is where I hope that all of you and especially those who are in love with the bikes of the 80’s will participate!!!