The Collection

Classic Japanese Sports Motorbikes from the Eighties

I love all kind of motorbikes and since I can remember I was impressed by seventies bikes like the Kawasaki H2 750 (Match IV) with 3 cilinders and 2 strokes, the Z 900, the Honda CBX 1000 six cilinders or the Suzuki GS 1000. Also I was shocked by early eighties motorbikes like the turbos (Honda CX 500/650 turbo, Yamaha XJ 650 turbo, Suzuki XN 85 650 turbo and specially the Kawasaki GPz 750 turbo), the Kawasaki Z 1000 R “Eddie Lawson”, the Honda CB 1100 R, or the Suzuki GSX 1100 Katana.

But since 1983 (Honda VF 750 F presentation) and so on, the sports bikes started to be different because the racing motorbikes technics (Grand Prix and Endurance) started to be applied to the stock bikes in a lower (beggining) or highier level.

The japanise companies applied concepts like box or rectangular profile frames (cast iron on the begining and alluminum later on and even with inverted U design "Delta-Box" type), engines with liquid cooling systems (water in the mayority of the engines and oil in case of the GSXR's from Suzuki) delivering power levels around 100 CV (the very first VF 750 F delivered 90 CV) and achieving up to 150 CV (Yamaha FZR 1000 “exup” 90), 16 inches front wheels and 17 inches from 87/88), full fairings, bigger breaks with anti-dive systems (from 83 till 85), semihandelbars and Grand Prix decorations.

That is why my colection is exclusively dedicated to this new generation motorbikes with 3 or more of this concepts on common. It's all about this DNA from racing motorbikes integrated on the stock motorbikes by the first time on this high level of performance new impressive motorbikes.

Let me introduce to you my personal colection. I hope you will like them as much as I do!.